We need people to fight with us.

KEVELOS' signature dish, the simple and deceptively simple pizza 'Marinara', requires delicate, careful work and good taste. Pizzaiolo (pizza maker) candidates are expected to master this marinara, but it is true that it takes at least a year of training before mastery is attained.

In the first stage, the candidate develops the ability to "think", mainly through self-practice, and to consider in depth the ingredients and the meaning of every single operation, and to acquire professional observation skills. In the second stage, the trainees enter the pizza oven with the owner and learn how to bake about 40 pizzas an hour at "speed" and "attractiveness".
They learn how to bake 40 pizzas in an hour with the owner. In the final stage, they aim to achieve both "speed and attention to detail" and create a unique and unforgettable marinara.

It's not easy, but if you can master KEVELOS pizza, you can create a profitable and prosperous restaurant.

It's a job, and there are many hardships and difficulties. However, we have a well-structured manual and training plan, and we have a clear medium- to long-term plan tailored to each individual, so we promise an environment where you can work in a rewarding way while feeling your own growth and results every day.

We aim to create an environment in which our staff can grow and develop properly, and to be a company that people want to work for. We have implemented an education programme and a clear salary structure to create an environment in which our staff can grow and develop.

■We are looking for people who

  • Those who want to become a pizza maker.
  • Those who want to master high-level pizza making.
  • Those who want to learn the know-how of a prosperous restaurant with a monthly turnover of 600,000 yen per square metre.
  • Those who want to learn the high skills and speed of a pizza maker who handles 250 pizzas a day.
  • Want to work for a company that values competence and growth?

■For those wishing to take up a permanent position

KEVELOS is a regular customer at one of Tokyo's top 100 best pizza shops with the longest queues in the city. Because it is a shop with a strong brand, there are many highly motivated colleagues, and there are many experiences and rewards to be learned here. The owner, who has a wealth of management experience, is also committed to training managers, and after mastering the operation of this high-brand restaurant, will eventually support you in opening your own business. Management development plans are also available.

■For those wishing to work part-time

We train our staff to make the most of their individuality, and we have a wide variety of staff of all ages, from students to freelancers. The teamwork that only a well-known shop with a strong brand can offer ultimately creates a strong bond. Our staff all get on really well together, and we have such a fun environment that even students who have studied abroad want to work here again after returning home.

Why not play an active role in our company and enjoy a toast with our staff after work?

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