Nao Ohara

With extremely light pizzas,
impress those who eat it. Pizzaiolo Nao Ohara

After graduating from art college, he worked as an interior decorator and then in a Spanish restaurant before becoming a pizzaiolo at the famous restaurant Savoy.

Owner and pizzaiolo Nao Ohara has a unique background. He is a pizza master and is uncompromising in his approach to his work.

'During my training as a craftsman, I only baked two types of pizza - margherita and marinara - and over the course of five years, I only had two items on the menu.

The weather, of course, but also the temperature and humidity of the indoor and outdoor environment and the flour, as well as the air pressure ....... The various conditions related to the pizza dough are analysed daily in the form of data. The dough is made using combinations derived from the results. The dough is fermented and matured for 24 hours in a wine cellar under strict temperature control. Of course, the dough is fine-tuned daily according to the weather conditions, and even the temperature of the oven and the way the wood is placed is changed.

"I started later than others, so I decided to try and research things that others didn't do."

The moisture balance of the dough was attacked to the very edge of being able to form it as pizza dough.

"'I don't think there are many pizza shops that prepare their dough with this much water. By keeping the balance at the very edge and keeping it that way until the pizza is baked, we are able to adjust the moisture content well and produce a soft, fluffy pizza after baking."

What emerges from this is a 'lightness' that is completely different from other pizzas.

Even if the pizza is pleasant to the palate, I don't think it's light if it hits you in the stomach after you've eaten it. I think that a pizza that is not heavy at all, even if you eat it alone, is an impression that you can only get at KEVELOS."

The passion that goes into a slice of pizza is the very centripetal force of KEVELOS. Many people gather here today to taste it.

Yuta Miyazaki

The hard work behind the hospitality,
which is more than one person can do. Pizzaiolo Yuta Miyazaki Jackie

The large iron oven that sits at KEVELOS continually emits the wonderful aroma of the pizzas that Yuta Miyazaki bakes. Each pizza dough he makes is the result of his extraordinary effort and passion.

Since becoming a trainee, Miyazaki has picked up pizza dough morning and evening, never wasting a single piece, and has practised an unprecedented amount. The "ability to understand the state of the dough with the senses" that he has acquired in this way is now his greatest weapon. He checks the condition of the pizza dough using all five senses - touch, appearance, weight, etc. - in his pursuit of the best possible results on that particular day.

Another shining ability of his is his extraordinarily high level of hospitality. His appointment as manager and pizza maker in only his second year with the company was only possible because of the warmth he showed towards customers. In the open kitchen, he enthusiastically bakes pizzas characterised by the lightness and softness that only KEVELOS can offer, while at the same time welcoming customers with kind, gentle words.

Even in the midst of a hectic schedule, Miyazaki is devoted to the customers in front of him. This cordial hospitality creates a homely and warm atmosphere in the restaurant. The owner, Obara, has absolute confidence in his excellent craftsmanship and personality.

Miyazaki is now a veteran pizza chef, mastering the dough and kilns of two restaurants. His personality continues to fascinate visitors.

Natsumi Sakamaki

Both the pizza and the food menu,
Everything is perfected 'with flair'. Pizzaiola Natsumi Sakamaki Natsu

Natsumi Sakamaki is the pizzaiola at KEVELOS. Each dish of pizza and cuisine she prepares shows her many years of experience and study.

Sakamaki originally studied and became a chef at the famous ristorante company Hiramatsu Co. Unable to give up his dream of becoming a pizza chef, he decided to take on a new challenge. At KEVELOS, where he joined the company, he emerged at an astonishing speed with his outstanding sense of style and insatiable inquisitiveness.

After only six months in the company, she was promoted to 'chief' and then began her journey to become a pizzaiola. During her apprenticeship, she used the sense for ingredients and ambition she had developed during her time as a chef to be promoted to pizzaiola in nine months, the shortest in KEVELOS' history.

Authentic KEVELOS cuisine, with its Spanish base, and the one-of-a-kind pizza, baked from a delicate dough with a high moisture content. Sakamaki has achieved a high level of KEVELOS quality in both areas. He is a man of such ability that the owner, Obara, has given his stamp of approval that he is truly a man of "great taste".

Her pizzas are, of course, also excellent, as are her a la carte dishes. Sakamaki is now a multi-talented chef who can handle all the menus and positions in all the restaurants. Sakamaki continues to improve in new areas while utilising her experience as a chef. The rising star of the pizzaiola scene is sure to continue to show us more success in the future.